Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Elana's Birthday Party

On saturday we had Elana's party at a place called Miami Whitewater, Parky's Piarite Cove! It's a big splash pad. everyone had a great time and it was a georgeous day. Of course the party was a hannah montana theme. We played in the water, ate pizza had cake and opened presents. What more could a girl ask for. We even took a trip out on the lake in a pedal boat. Boy were my legs tired! Elana's friends that were able to make it, were Sage, Sequoia, Ella and Joshua. Plus Eliza and Isaac. She wishes more friends could have come, but it was labor day weekend and they just weren't able. We had fun with all. Yesterday the girls and I spent the afternoon swimming at my friend Angies house. I didn't have my camera, but they had a great time. We love hanging out at Angies and have been doing so most summers since Eliza was a baby. Today everyone's back in school and that's just great for me. It's nice to have a few hours of quite in the morning. Went and got my hair cut this morning. Walked there with Isaac and Eviee, I'm determined to do more walking on these mornings where I only have the two little ones. It's time to get off the depression diet and move on and lose some weight! Wish me luck!
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