Sunday, September 21, 2008

Storm Damage

I finally got those pictures of our downd tree. It was the tallest tree in our back yard and stands right in the middle of it. This first picture is what it looked like when in fell

this is where it landed

then this is what it looked like after the rest of it came down

that last piece which really could have landed on the house, if not for the changing of the winds. From South to North, our house is north of the tree they started coming in from the west and the big ol branch landed here

here's what the front yard looked like, with tons of branches down from the neighbors tree

Clean up began in the front yard but the backyard still looks bad. Lowes was all out of chainsaws. So maybe next weekend.

1 comment:

Annie Beth said...

Seeing those pictures brings back a lot of memories... Glad no one was hurt.
Love to all!
Annie Beth