Thursday, September 11, 2008

Looking for the Top Ten

So last night was a good night for AGT. I liked most of the acts. But I'm thinking my favorites for sure to go all the way are Eli Mattson, Nuttin But Strings,(this is Eliza's favorite)and Donald Braswell. Definitly looking for the Zooper Stars to get kicked off tonight. I mean really how dumb can you get. I don't see any talent there, just goofiness. It will be a tough road for the top ten, cause there are some good acts.
I also want to apoligize for yesterday's entry and as sad as it seemed. I am really doing okay most of the time, I think yesterday was just a hard day and I don't even know why, so I vented a little and that always helps. I don't need an orginized support group, justmy family and friends. Thanks for your concern. To my family who along with me have been on an "emotional" diet I say lets promise today to stop. I say let's hit the " I want to live" diet! I need it and all the support I can get I will take. I want to lose 100lbs and I want to do it 1 lb at a time! I start now!! Who's with me??? Love you all! Time to go watch Hannah Montana with the girls! :)

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