Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Week of AGT and life

So not too much going on. The girls are enjoying school, and I enjoy the mornings while they are away. It's fun to hang out with just Isaac and Eviee. I usually have 30min to an hour after the girls get on the bus until they wake up, so I can clean up the house and do dishes. I'm trying to get in the habit of reading my scriptures during that time. I've started in the D&C. Ideally I'll have been up early and been showered, so far that's only happened once. I really want to be getting up and exercizing before David leaves for work, but since I can't seem to get myself to bed early I don't get up. I am blaming my late nights on depression. Where once in my life I choose to sleep when I was depressed, now for some reason I don't want to go to bed. So I read, and I read a lot. As a matter of fact in the past 5 days I read 11 books. And I feel lost now that I don't have one handy to read. So I'm going to try and re focus my energy into something a little more healthy and productive like exercise and losing weight. Dr. Phil is doing another weight loss challenge thing so I'm going to try and work with that. I'm ready! Enough of that. Who watched AGT last night? Yahoo, Indiggo got the boot, couldn't stand to have to watch them again. Out of last nights talents I really like Paul Salos (Frank Sinatra), Neal E. Boyd and Daniel Sans I think, he's the solider guy. But tonight my favorites perform, so I'm looking forward to that. Well that's life around here. Not too exciting, just busy and steady. If you have a good book to recommend I'd like to hear about it. Oh yeah, one more thing, I got a new calling at church. Right before I came to Utah I had been called to be the 3rd Sunday teacher in RS, but last week I was called to be the primary choister! I'm a little sacred, I will not lie. I'm not sure how good I will be, but I am excited to learn and be back in primary. So if you have any great ideas I will take those too.


Quinney Family said...

I am liking Nuttin But Strings, Daniel Broswell, Eli, Wright Kids and Neil Boyd. The baton dude is pretty cool as well.

I can't wait to get off crutches so I can get back to my exercising, I have been on the emotion diet too long!

shelly said...

I am so glad that the dracula twins are gone!!! yay!!! My personal faves are Nuttin but stringz and Eli Mattson-- I would be happy if either one of them won. Sorry you are having a hard time. I love ya and wish you were here so we could play (and have tin roof sundae ice cream with chocolate syrup-yum!) :)

Annie Beth said...

I am all about Eli and The Opera singer dude.. I changed the music on my blog so it now plays Beth by Kiss... We all have been on the emotion diet.. Mom and Dad would not want that for us. I know that they would not want us to be so sad..

Love to all