Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wow! What a Week.

So Sunday blew in with a force. Hurricane force that is. Well just about. We got hit with remnets of Hurricane Ike and boy was it windy. Steady winds of 30-40mph and guts up to 70mph did some damage to these parts. The electricity went off at about 2pm on Sunday and ours did not come back until Tuesday morning. 100's of thousands of people are still with out power tonight. Even parts of Oxford. So needless to say it's been crazy around here. We had a huge tree in our backyard come down. Not all of it just the top half and we consider ourselves very blessed that it did not fall on our house. Because I really thought it would, even though I tried to reassure the girls that it would not. Thankfully it did not. I have pictures to post and will do that tomorrow. Right now I have to go tend to a crying baby. Another part of my crazy week is that all my kids seem to be sick in one way or another. Eviee had me up pretty much all night. She slept in my arms but once I put her down with in an hour or less I was up again. Isaac doesn't feel well, and Eliza says her ear hurts and that it hurts to breathe and Elana, who coughs a little tries to tell me she's sick.(Help Mom!) Then if that's not enough, david has a cold as well. I think I need to run away for a day or two. Thankfully both of the girls are back to school tomorrow. But then it's the weekend again. I'm tired. My love to the little "bug" as he gets ready to go in for surgery. We are thinking of you and love you little man.

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