Thursday, September 4, 2008

America's Got Talent

So has anyone else been watching this show? Last night was something else. First off, I do believe Peirs liked x'd mostof the acts. I thought he put them there in the first place. Anyway I just wanted to share my favorites. I think the cutiepatootie, Katlin is just a doll. Don't think she can handle a vegas show, but she's way too cute. Then I've always been a fan of Donald Braswell, I think it's because he sang "you raise me up" the first time so I know my mom would like him, plus he has a good voice. But last night I noticed Eli Mattson for the first time. He sings and plays the piano. WOW he was good and to top it off, he has a great smile and great eyes. He'd be a good show! Can't wait til next week, to see those awful Indiggo girls get the boot, how they made it this far is beyond me, it definitly wasn't because of any real talent!! Would love to know who you are routing for or maybe even voting for!


Annie Beth said...

I like all the ones you mentioned but I like the Baton twriller the best!!!!!! Really!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!

Shirl said...

Ok Sarah, this is Tami's mother-in law, Shirline, member me? Well, I was looking at your blog about America's got talent.....and this is the first time I have ever watched it.....and just to let you know.....I am voting for Nuttin But stringz!!!!! They are incredible!!!!!PS your kids are adorable!!!!!!