Monday, December 29, 2008


So last night the Chargers played the Broncos in the battle for AFC West champs and a spot in the playoffs. What a game. The Chargers stomped all over the Broncos in a 52-21 win. It was Awesome. Now some would say who cares the Chargers are only an 8-8 team. But I say that doesn't matter. What matters is they are going into the playoffs on a big high, and three game winning streak. So next Saturday at 8pm Et they will take on the Colts. I know the Colts are a good team, I just happen to think my Chargers are better and that they will upset the Colts again this year as they did last year! I'm looking forward to it. But no matter what happens next week, I am just happy that we got the win over the broncos last night. It always feels good to beat denver!! (I still love all of you who are Denver fans)here's a picture of Isaac and I watching our Chargers win!

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