Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WOW! What a Weekend

So I got to have a weekend away. My first time with out the baby. I admit I missed her and the other kids, but it was still really nice. Sleeping through the night 2 nights in a row. And for good measure, Eviee slept through the night last night as well. 12 hours straight. She hasn't done that since we were in Utah. Way to go Eviee, hopefully it will be the new norm. So My weekend started early Saturday morning. My plane left Dayton Ohio at 7:41am. I got to Kansas City at 10:45am. Amanda picked me up and on the way to her house, we picked up lunch. Then after getting her kids down for naps, we left them with her husband Bryan and headed to the mall. We shopped and just enjoyed ourselves, both with out kids. We went to dinner, thought about catching a movie(Twilight again for the both of us)but when we thought about the early start we'd have to get the next day we decided against it. So Sunday rolls around, time for the game! I am so excited! We have field access passes.

And even passes for free food. What more could a person want! We get to the stadium, Arrowhead (the loudest stadium) we meet up with a friend of Amanda's. His name is Steve and he works with Amanda's husband Bryan. Steve is there to show us the ropes. We get to enter the stadium by way of the players tunnel. How cool is that. The we walk right down to the field. As we are walking around it's not long before Charger players are coming out to the field for warm ups. There they were running plays right in front of me. It was Awesome. Then at game time, I was standing right at the tunnel entrance so when the players ran out I was right there to see them go past. I was in heaven. I watched the whole game from the sidelines. Standing right there next to the photographers. It was so sweet. the only thing wrong was that we were getting our butts kicked! I was not happy. During halftime, I was in the tunnel by the Chiefs locker room, so when they came out I said to a few of them "you guys are kicking our butts, stop it!" hee hee, I kept getting all kinds of looks and some remarks from fans due to being in my SD Tomlinson jersey, but I didn't care. I loved every minute of it. So with like 1:20 left in the game the Chargers go for an on sides kick and recover it! Yes! Down the field they come and score the TD that put them up 22-21. They missed on a two point try. But left only like 36 secs for the chiefs to score. There attempted field goal to win the game was missed! Yes we win!!!!! I was jumping a cheering with the players running past me to the locker room, and the last player off the field ran right next to me and I put my hand up and got a high five from Philip Rivers, the guy that just won the game with his 2 touchdown passes! SWEET SWEET SWEET! This trip was heaven. Of course it was freezing cold!! The day started out at 60 degrees, it was 40 by came time and 22 by the end of the game...but did I care? Heck no! There you have it, my wonderful weekend. Here are a few pictures. I hope to get the rest off my phone soon.

Here is Antonio Cromartie during warm ups

This is Darren Sproles

And here is me, with the temperature at the end of the game


Annie Beth said...

Good for you Sara. What a great thing to be able to do..

shelly said...

That's awesome Sara, I am so glad you got to do that for yourself!