Friday, October 10, 2008

Prayers for Bryson

Just wanted to ask any who read this blog to put my nephew Bryson in your prayers. he had major heart surgery today. It looks as if things have gone well and he is in recovery, but the recovery will be a few weeks. So that means my bro and sis in law are away from there 3 other children a lot the next few weeks. PLease keep them all in your prayers as I know this is a hard time for them. I really hate that I am so far away at times like this when I would really like to be apart of helping or just hugging if I could. It's also a time when I miss my mom even more because she was more of my direct line as to all that was going on. But you can check out their blog at to see some pictures and see the updates of how Bryson is doing. I really admire my brother and his family because they go through a lot during all this and their faith is strong.
Well I have a crying baby that needs me. She's running a temp of 103.5 right now. Not sure what's going on there. Once again the pain of grammy being gone is called to the front. Well to avoid tears of my own I'm outta here.
We love you Bryson, hang tough and get well soon.
Auntie Sara


Quinney Family said...

I guess since you now go by Jones, you have a hard time remembering how to spell Quinney in your blog!! lol :) Thanks for all the prayers!

Annie Beth said...

Oct. 10th is the last update?? Lets get on it sister! Where are pictures of Eliza and her Violin??