Friday, October 31, 2008


So Halloween in Oxford is like a week long event. It started last Sunday the 26th. Trick or treating in the dorms. I took Eliza and Elana while David stayed home with the babies who were both a sleep. Here's what the girls looked like that night.

And here is Eliza looking through her loot from that night...

So after dorms on sunday it's uptown trick or treating and costume parade on Thursday. So that's where we were last night. Isaac got to join in on this fun and doesn't he look like a handsome devil?!

All three of them before we left

Then here they all are with dad

Of course all this fun was way more than Eviee could handle

And now we are waiting for Papaw to get here and daddy to get home so we can go out once again and get more candy! Yeah. I will post more pictures later tonight.
And durning this fun halloween week, Eviee turned 7 months and has decided that she might want to crawl, so she's been working on it.

I can't believe time is going by so fast.
Happy Halloween and safe Trick or Treating to all.

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shelly said...

David looks so thrilled... LOL! Love the kids, they are adorable!