Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where did the summer go!

So today was the first day of school for Eliza. She's in the first grade. She is very excited. Yesterday I took the girls and got their hair cut, then last night I took Eliza to the open house at school and found her classroom and met her teacher and all that good stuff. I can't believe I will have one child gone at school all day. Elana will start on Thursday. We went and met her teacher and saw her classroom this morning. I think she's excited. She certainly thinks she's a big girl now. Isaac well he's just Isaac, cute as can be and learning to be real bossy, he does like to get into a bit of trouble now and again. Eviee is just about 5 months old and a really good girl, I kept hoping she'd suck her thumb, but she has opted for her left wrist, she even has a pretty worn in hickey there. It's pretty funny to watch her go to town on it. Of course she also likes to suck on her toes when she gets the chance. All in all we are doing well. School started back at Miami yesterday and David is taking a class in accounting I think, he's planning to get his masters degree. Plus he teaches a computer lab course 2 nights a week. So everyone is staying busy and I think it will be nice to have a schedule to follow each day.

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