Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Slowly but surely

So as you know I haven't gotten far. I am trying to get into a routine. And David is going to get some pictures together, and I'll just have to make sure I get in the habit of taking my camera everywhere. we will go to the park today so I'll get pictures there and of Eliza riding her bike. Her big accomplishment for the summer is learning to ride with out training wheels. Grandma June bought her a two wheeler at a garage sale. So she is big stuff now. Elana has a b-day coming at the end of the month, the big 5. She's excited. Isaac well he's just as cute as ever, smiling all the time and always coming out with new words that sound so cute. Eviee, is a good girl, getting big, she was 12.5 pounds at her last check up. And 24in long, a whole 2 feet now. David is still trying to get the items on his "list" done. I know one day my water softener will be hooked up. I'm staying busy, just trying to keep them all happy and getting my Mary Kay businees back on it's feet. So if you are in need of skin care or make-up let me know!

I will post some pictures of fun and some sadness we had while on our trip to Utah. Thanks to all who helped with the girls. They really had a good time and miss their cousins heaps. I do too!!
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Sara said...

that is a cute video slide show. forever friends for sure! I love you!