Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting in more fun before summer is done!

Well the kids had a pretty fun weekend. Friday we went to this really fun park with some friends. Everybody had a good time, Isaac especially seemed to like the merry go round. Then on Saturday primary had an activity. It was a little pioneer trek west! The girls were so excited that they got to do a trek. They were bummed that it wasn't over night nor did they have pioneer clothes. But they had a great time. They climed "mountians", went through rivers and then when they finished they got to milk a cow, make butter, bread and roast hot dogs, they even played stick pull and had a cow patty toss. Fun stuff. Sunday after church we had a potluck at our friends the Leishmans because their son Brandon is leaving for college this weekend. Then yesterday we went with a bunch of friends to this fun little park, that has a "wet" and "dry" park. The wet park, is a big pirate ship with fountains spraying water everywhere and a little water slide. I forgot to take pictures, but we will be going back for Elana's b-day so we will post pictures then. We also want to say a happy birthday to Uncle Eric. Sorry we forgot to call on Sunday. Hope you had a great day!


Tami and Aaron said...

Looks like you had a blast! We need to get together soon!!!

Quinney Family said...

Thanks for the pics, it is fun to see the kiddos. Good job on getting the hang of this blog thing.


Annie Beth said...

Love Eliza milking the cow..Does she help David with the Goat.Thanks for the pictures.. Love to all the kiddes form their Annie.


Jordan & Kimberly said...

Your kids are so adorable! I'm so glad we can keep in touch this way!