Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well I thought I would shock you all by actually getting Halloween pictures up on Halloween! Pretty cool huh! So in Oxford we have 3 days of Trick or Treating each year. The first is dorm trick or treating and that is on the Sunday before Halloween. We skipped it this year. Really the kids don't need that much candy. Then on the Thursday before Halloween the business' uptown offer trick or treating and then there is a costume parade for the kids. So we did that. That night both Eviee and Isaac were chosen as winners in the costume contest. They had a group picture taken and will be in the local paper. Isaac was a Candy Corn and Eviee was a Bumble Bee. Well the next day Isaac told me he wanted to be Superman and said " I don't want to be a candy corn ever again". So my search for a last minute superman costume came up empty and we settled on a Transformer. He liked that. But as we were out tonight he saw a few supermen and was not happy that he wasn't wearing that costume! Oh well the kids had fun and got a lot of candy. I even changed Eviee's costume to a cow. She looked really cute. Oh also we took the kids on Wednesday to pick out a pumpkin at a local farm.
Enjoy the pictures. We enjoyed the kids.

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