Thursday, December 24, 2009


So November went by in a hurry, but we had a lot happen. First Eliza had a birthday and she turned 8!! Yeah the Big 8. She had her party at Pizza Hut and enjoyed pizza and a Pokemon cake that mom made.

Then it was thanksgiving and Annie Beth came to visit. I didn't take any pictures like I should have. We went to the Children's Museum and the kids had a good time. But the best thing about that weekend was that Eliza was baptized. On November 28th by her dad. It was a wonderful service and we are so proud of Eliza for the decision she made to make that big step. She has set a great example for her sisters and brother.

So all in all it was great month and we loved having Annie here and we miss her.
Also at the end of October I had an ultrasound and we learned we are having a GIRL!
I was planning to add some pictures of the Ultrasound but the scanner is not working. But in a few weeks I will be having another ultrasound this one in 3D so I will be sure to post those pictures.
We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that you are ready for Christmas! We are and I will blog all the excitment very soon.

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