Thursday, October 22, 2009


So Sunday morning Eliza woke up not feeling to well and running a slight fever. She stayed pretty active the whole day but the fever never went away. Elana was complaining about not feeling well that night and she too had a slight fever. So Monday both stayed home from school. They don't want them there unless they've been 24 hours without a fever. So things just got worse. At least for Eliza, she had a headache and a very sore throat. Elana wanted to go to school. So that was the plan. Come Tuesday morning, I get Elana up and just to be on the safe side I take her temperature. 101. something. No school for her. I made a doctors appt for Eliza she seeming the worst and her temperature had not come down since it went up even with Tylenol. So I was worried about H1N1. I called my friend Lisa who told me that the day before her daughter Kaylee tested positive for H1N1. Oh boy! well the doctor told us that what Eliza had was just a virus. Ok, sounds good but she was feeling so awful I was certain that it was wrong. Both girls spent the day hardly moving and being very vocal on how crappy they felt. Plus they didn't want to eat and Eliza always wants to eat. I finally went out that night and got some Motrin, since Tylenol was doing nothing. Let me tell you that with in a few hours you could see a major improvement in Eliza. By the next morning both of the girls fevers were gone and they stayed gone the whole day. Yeah!! So what a relief it was to see them both get on the bus this morning. Now maybe I can get my house back up to par. all the chores have gone on done. It just seems to hard with so many people in the house not to mention that David only worked half days on Tuesday and Wednesday. So things are looking up...right! Not! Eviee was up all night long last night. Oh how I thought those days were past for now. The thought that they will be happening again soon is so much worse when I can't even sleep through the night now! So what's her problem? Teething. 4 molars all coming in at the same time! Why? Oh Why? Does my 18 month old who only has 6 teeth have to go and get 4 more all at the same time? So that on top of a cold she had and an ear infection she has not sleep through the night for 4 weeks!! And I'm not just talking about getting up once but more like 2 to 3 times and one night it was 6 times!!!! Help Help Help, I need to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay I am done complaining now! Oh wait I forgot to mention, my 3 year old son, does not want to be potty trained. He tells me he is not big enough! What do I do? Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks for listening! :)

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