Saturday, April 11, 2009

Making the Big Time

So last month David got a call from the school board saying that they were putting up a billboard for the month of April promoting the school district and out of all the pictures they had been through the one they wanted to use was one of Eliza with a couple of her friends at a basketball game they went to as a field trip. Did they have our permission to put her on the billboard. Heck yeah I said, how fun will that be. So today I finally learned where the billboard is located and went and had a look. Of course I took pictures to share with all if you. My baby up in lights!! (okay so there's no lights but still this is a big deal) :)

Also a cute thing happened yesterday morning, the kids were home from school for Good Friday and the start of spring break. I was getting out of the shower and Elana told me that Eviee had soaked through her diaper so she had to change her! Well I chuckled to myself because Elana has never changed a diaper before. Then she told me she didn't find any of Eviee's diapers so she had to use Isaac's. As I came out of the bathroom and saw Eviee crawling towards me, with most of her backside showing. But I think that Elana did a great first time job and here is Eviee to prove it!

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shelly said...

How cool for Eliza! Love Eviee's diaper- too funny!