Sunday, April 12, 2009


We hope everyone had a happy Easter today. We had a very nice day here and a good dinner. Sacrament meeting was also nice. I enjoy having the meeting centered around the Savior. Scriptures were read and songs were song, it was full of the spirit. I am thankful for the knowledge of the resurrection. As with tradition in my family the girls had new dresses and Isaac new clothes as well. In the past Grammy Marcia had always sent them their clothes so going out and buying them this year just gave us one more reason to miss her. Although I think the girls enjoyed picking their dresses. But I know I have a great appreciation for all that mom did for me and the kids. Anyway I just wanted to post some pictures of the kids looking their Easter best! Enjoy.
PS As of today Eviee is officially walking!

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Annie Beth said...

Gosh my kids are sure cute!!!