Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday TROUBLE (Eviee)

So today was Eviee's 1st birthday. It's very hard to believe that a year has gone by already. We didn't do anything too exciting but have mamaw and papaw up for cake and ice cream. I will post pictures tomorrow. Eviee nicknamed "Trouble" by me enjoyed her cake very much. She made the mess to prove it.
It was hard for me to enjoy this day too much as along with her birthday comes the anniversary of daddy's death. I have really remembered today the phone call I received on a Sunday night one year ago. Nothing in this world could have prepared me for that. There is not a week that has gone by that I haven't missed my dad in some way. We only talked a couple time a month but I always knew he was only a phone call away if I ever needed anything. The last time we talked was shortly after I gave birth to Eviee. I called to report and he told me he was just making plane reservations to come to Ohio to visit and for the blessing of Eviee. It was to be May 1st-4th. I was really looking forward to that. As we know he didn't make it and I sit here tonight knowing that my precious baby has not even been blessed yet either. So many things seem to have gone undone this past year. I really really miss both mom and dad. I am thankful for the great parents they were and just wish they were here to watch my baby grow. I know that with time things will look better. I'm counting on it!!


Quinney Family said...

Happy Birthday Eviee! I can't believe it has been a year, what a year it has been!


shelly said...

Wow, I can't believe Eviee is a year already! I know it's hard to not have your parents around, especially during milestones of you or your kids lives. It will get easier, but never less sad. It is comforting to know that you have your own personal angel watching over you guys. I love you and hope you guys are doing well!