Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nothing Exciting Going On

I thought I'd better get an update. Not that too much has been going on. Eliza did have her birthday this past weekend. She is the big 7 now. It's amazing how time really does fly. She got to have to parties. One was on Saturday at "You're Fired" our local pottery painting place, she had a joint party with her friend Emily who also turned 7. So that was fun. The on Sunday we had grandma and grandpa over and the Leishmans who are more like family then just friends. I forgot my camera on Saturday so as soon as I get the pictures from Emily's mom then I will post them. Eliza even got to have more fun when Annie's present arrived in the mail yesterday. Thank you Annie, the outfit and Boots were a hit. Picture to come soon.
I am excited this week to go see Twilight!! We are having a pre party at "You're Fired" and then going to the midnight showing. I can't wait!!! I hope the movie is as good as the book. I should read the book again before Thursday just to refresh my memory.
It is down to the finals for Dancing with the Stars after tonight. I am rooting for Brooke Burke and I think either Lance Bass or Cody Linley. But I think Brooke will win. She's really good and dang I wish I looked like that after 4 kids. Maybe I should take up dancing, don't know when I'd have time to go, but I think I would like it. Especially if Derek Hough was my coach!!
Well have a good week and I'll post pictures soon.

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