Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I can't believe it's been nearly 2 months since I last blogged. So for anyone who is still checking up on us, I'm sorry and will try to do better. I do have pictures to post and will get to them tomorrow. We had the first day of School and Elana's 6th b-day. Not too much is really going on. The girls are enjoying school and I'm enjoying the peace that comes with having just 2 home durning the day , though I have to say Eviee can be really loud. She has learned to screech. Oh my head!!!
One of the main reasons I haven't blogged in forever is because I have not felt good and sitting at the computer is sometimes more than I can bear. What's the matter you say well, about the time I last blogged I also found out we are expecting #5!!!! So for the last 6-7 weeks I have been just plain tired and sick to my stomach almost constantly. But I am hoping as I am moving into my second trimester that all that will go away and I can feel like myself again. So we are all really excited about our upcoming addition. I am due March 20th, and I have requested a boy!!(Isaac needs some reinforecments)So wish me luck there and I will keep you posted on my progress.
Now I am going to go lay down and hope my stomach starts to feel better before I have to go through bedtime routines.
Pictures coming soon. Check back often!!


Tami and Aaron said...

Awesome, Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!

shelly said...

That's awesome Sar- congratulations! I hope you start feeling human soon... Love you!