Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today Isaac is 3!! We actually celebrated his birthday on Saturday with his cousin Josh who turned 5 on the 25th. We all went to Chuck E Cheese and a good time was had by all. Isaac is a joy to have. He's always got a smile and I just think he's the cutest boy ever. He's talking more and more and though he seems to be getting bigger, he's still very small. I have him trained so when I say "who do you love the most?" he throws up his hands and says "mommy!!" I love it!. Well here are some pictures of the party on Saturday. Today we ate his favorite dinner, spaghetti! And I made him a cake. So nothing to exciting, but hey, he's only 3! Love you Bubba!

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Annie Beth said...

Well I feel like a awful Annie..I was thinking the birthday was tomorrow..Hope that a call tomorrow does not scare him for life!